What do I need to bring to a crossfit class?

We provide all of the equipment you need to complete the workouts prescribed in any of the classes. All you need to bring are a pair of shoes suitable for exercising in, some comfortable clothing and a water bottle.

If I have my own equipment can I bring it in?

It is common for our members to have their own equipment. Most of our members tend to invest in their own skipping ropes.

I’m from out of town, do you allow drop ins from other affiliates?

Yes, drop ins are very welcome to come and do a WOD with us. Rotorua is a tourist hub with Crossfitters from all over the world walking through our doors. We are always excited to meet athletes from all around the world.

I like to buy merchandise from crossfit affiliates when travelling. Do you sell merchandise?

Crossfit Rotorua has merchandise available to buy. We have singlets, tees, caps, hoodies and more. You can check out our shop page on this website and pre-order before arriving or notify one of our staff when you arrive. Merchandise is subject to availability at the time.

I’m thinking of joining but don’t know where to start?

The first thing to do would be to book a free trial session through our website by choosing an available time that suits you. You are also completely welcome to drop in and watch a class or check out our facilities without participating in class.

I want to join but crossfit seems very intimidating?

Don’t be intimidated. If you have done some research you would have seen some very athletic looking crossfitters completing workouts that look impossible. Please remember that these are elite, and generally professional athletes. Our members are made up of beginner right through to advanced athletes of all walks of life. Our culture is very different to a regular gym. Because workouts are done as groups, we all get to know one another and are able to support each other and push each other.

I cant do some of the movements i’ve seen during a workout?

We won’t expect you to. All Crossfit workouts are designed to be scaled back to allow anyone to complete a workout. Different movements have different scaling options depending on your abilities at the time. If a movement is scaled, they are designed to help you progress to the more advanced movements once your strength and coordination increase. The workouts shouldn’t be easy, but they should be completable.