Nau mai, Haere mai ki CrossFit Rotorua 


Welcome to our box – CFR!

We are a strength and conditioning facility with a focus on optimal health for all people. Our emphasis is on correct technique, safety and building a whanau atmosphere. We are Rotorua’s first official CrossFit affiliate and are committed to striving for excellence in health, fitness and well-being. CrossFit Rotorua provides an environment that is fun, inviting and invigorating for people from all walks of life and all fitness levels.

CrossFit uses weight lifting, basic gymnastics and metabolic conditioning, in as many varying combinations as possible as the primary method of training. The CrossFit workouts are different every day and are scalable which means people of all fitness levels can join in.

Our On Ramp introduction course is designed for those who are new to CrossFit and teaches prospective members the fundamentals and basics of CrossFit before they enter classes. We also provide personal trainer services, ‘Hammer the Hinu’ boot camps, Zuu and Ankorr training and nutritional challenges.

We have five qualified coaches and there is always one available at every session to instruct and ensure people are training in the most effective and safe way possible. Our coaches can provide all the advice, guidance and technical support required.


We strive to help people achieve their goals while gaining optimal health, well-being and an elite level of fitness. We believe CrossFit Rotorua enables members to gain a competitive edge in their respective sports, help to slim down, gain strength and increase fitness.

You won’t find mainstream machines here or ego’s. Only bars, kettle bells, medicine balls, wooden boxes and down to earth people in the same position as you.

You WILL be pushed, you WILL sweat but most importantly you WILL progress and get results fast!

Here at CrossFit Rotorua we not only train you to reach new levels of strength and fitness, we also prepare you to deal with physical challenges outside the box. Preparing you for the ‘unknown’ and ‘unknowable’.

Come down and meet the friendly team at CrossFit Rotorua and be a part of our ever growing CrossFit community. Work out with like-minded people and let the trainers guide you on your way to personal virtuosity!


You can find us here