FREE Trial

Come try us!

See if Crossfit is right for you! We welcome you to join us in one free trial session during any of the available times listed below.

Here at CrossFit Rotorua, we offer a complimentary introduction session. This is a 60-minute session that gives you a chance to view our facility, learn a bit about our methods and experience a workout. It’s a great way for you to decide if you want to become part of the Crossfit Rotorua family.

We understand that Crossfit can look quite intimidating from the outside, so one of our qualified trainers will be on standby to look after you during class and answer your questions about workouts, membership, programs, and pricing.

What to expect

Our free trials are designed to be all inclusive with the opportunity to get a taste of what CrossFit is all about. CrossFit is hard work so don’t expect it to be easy, but do expect to have loads of fun with like-minded people. Our classes are made up of exercises involving warm-up, technique, bodyweight exercises and weighted exercises with a focus on functional movement.

If you’re willing to work hard, dig deep and finish with a smile – you will be coming back for more!

What to bring

You’ll need to wear comfortable workout clothes, running or suitable shoes and a water bottle.

Do I need to book in?

You will need to book into a class using the table above, this lets our trainers know you are coming so they can set aside some time to show you the ropes. (we literally have ropes)