On Ramp Introduction Course for youth’s aged 11-18 years + 2 x classes weekly for all of Term 3.

If YOU have ever wanted to get into CrossFit or would like your young one to, then take advantage of our deal exclusively for youth’s aged 11-18 year old’s.

Taiohi Toa (Strong Youth) is a class specifically designed for our young leaders. Classes concentrate on core strength and conditioning, developing confidence and elite fitness. To achieve this we use CrossFit’s concepts of training, constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity. Movements involve basic gymnastics, weightlifting, athletics, Zuu and plyometrics to name a few.

Rest assured that technique and safety is our number one focus, so you or your young one will be looked after.

Cost is $250 saving you over $100 and covers all of School term 3. This includes all required On Ramp Intro classes x 3 (normally $120) and 2 x classes (Mon & Wed, 3.40pm) weekly during our Taiohi Toa CrossFit sessions.

On ramp Starts: 1st week of Term 3, July Mon 25th , Wed 27th, Fri 29th at 3.40pm

Youth’s will be required to attend all three sessions to complete On Ramp. If you can not make any of the times we can work out a catch session but there will be an extra fee for this.

Get in touch now to book your spot as they are limited!

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