Hammer the Hinu with Hana!

6 Week Boot Camp styled classes and Paleo Nutritional Challenge


Hammer the Hinu with Hana

Starts Saturday 13th Feb, 9.30am (Registration, Seminar and Weigh-Ins)


$89 for Non-Members

$69 for CFR Members

$49 for Unlimited CFR Members

What you get?

  • Access to all 3 x 1 hour low impact, beginner to advanced training sessions per week
  • Training and programming from Rotorua’s most experienced CrossFit coaches
  • Access to the exclusive HTH club
  • HTH tee
  • Body measurements:

Weight, Body fat composition, body and limb circumference

  • 30min Nutritional seminar and on-going support
  • Fun and enjoyable environment with like-minded people

No egos, no grunters just real people wanting real results

What is Involved?

  • 6 Fun weeks. Nutritional support and ‘Bootcamp’ styled training
  • 3 x 1 hour low impact, beginner – advanced training sessions per week

Tue & Thu 6.15pm

Sat 9am

Sessions specifically target ‘Fat burning’ and ‘Toning’ while strengthening and conditioning the body

  • Nutritional Seminar (30min). Following Paleo lifestyle
  • Interactive, Partnered challenges to help keep motivation up.
  • Dedicated exclusive support page via FaceBook to:

Provide’s important information

Exchange ideas

Provide open communication portal

Answer questions

Announce updates and Challenges

We find this tool helps to keep everyone informed, up to date and ‘in the loop’

Who can participate/join?

  • EVERYONE! This challenge is open to all who are wanting to ‘Hammer the Hinu’! Get rid of body fat, tone up, get fit, change their eating habits, create better eating options, change your lifestyle, get mobile and active, live a healthier and happier life!


What make us different?

We at CrossFit Rotorua know that with today’s demands and busy lifestyles we can often neglect ourselves.

Work, kids, sports and the cost of living not only make it harder to find the time for ourselves but has also made it a lot harder to afford the gym, personal training and a nutritionist.

So, we have come up with an all in one solution to help get yourself back on track and have you feeling and looking your best in just under 6 weeks!

  • We have Rotorua’s most experienced CrossFit trainers
  • We have the latest training techniques and focus on your safety and form
  • We have a massive array of equipment and never seen in Rotorua before tools

All you need to do is commit a little time, enjoy a little sweat and pay more attention to what you eat.

What is Holding YOU Back?

  • Motivation?

We are with you every step of the way. We also have an exclusive support site dedicated to you. Not only that, you can join with a partner or you will be partnered up with someone to help motivate one another.

  • Time?

We take the hassle out of wondering what to do. You just need to turn up willing to change for the better.

It takes 3 hours to be HEALTHY

5 hours to be FIT and STRONG! (3 hours of training, 2 hours to preparation)

There are 168 hours in a week, 5 of those can drastically change your life

You have 163 hours left in your week for everything else

Look after your body

Remember we only get 1!

See you there!

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