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Our intake for Youths (Taiohi Toa) begins this friday 2nd October at 4pm!

If you or your young adult is wanting to give CrossFit a try then come and enrol in our Intro On Ramp course specifically for the youngens.

The Taiohi Toa program allows our youths to gain Elite Fitness and Strength and Conditioning. The benefits do not stop here trainning with us the Taiohi Toa will gain self confidence, mental toughness and discipline all while being coached by Rotorua’s most qualified and experienced trainers.

The basis of training covers Olympic Weightlifting under the guidance of Rotorua’s only 2 qualified CrossFit Weightlifting coaches, Basic gymnastics, metabolic conditioning and also incorporating Zuu and Ankorr training (also having the only 2 qualified Zuu and Ankorr trainers in the Bay of Plenty).

So what are you waiting for??? Come train with us over spring and get in top condition for the Summer!

Adults On Ramp is also this Saturday at 7.30am

21 September, Monday


10mins find 2 rm oh squat


12min amrap
20 c2b
20 push press 60/40kg
20 oh squats
20 kb swings 32/20kg
20 box jumps 30/24″
100 d/u


22 September, Tuesday


e90sec 5 sets
1 x Hang squat clean + 1 x squat clean
no more than 20 sec between reps
THEN EMOM 5 sets
1 x out of the hole front squats
build to heavy


for time decending
5 ring muscle ups
5 power cleans 90/60kg
4 m/u
4 cleans and so on


23 September, Wednesday


e2mins 5 sets
1 x power clean
1 x front squat
1 x jerk
3 sets
3 x 5 sec pause squats


8min amrap
8 c2b
1 gorilla
8 kick sits
1 rev bear
8 straddles
1 forward bear
8 half hindus
1 rev caterpillar


24 September, Thursday


emom 5 sets
3 x push jerk (non split)
e90sec 5 sets
3 dead lifts build from 70%


7min amrap ladder partners
front squat 70/45kg
deficit HSPU

Share and break up the work however you like


25 September, Friday


E2mins 6 sets
2 x back squat
1 x muscle snatch


2 to tango Wod 4

14 September, Monday


e2mins, 5 sets
1 x snatch push press + 4 oh squats


5 rounds
5 push press 80/50kg
10 C2B
400m run
15 September, Tuesday


emom 5 sets
2 x TnG squat cleans, build to heavy
e90secs 5 sets
1 x squat clean + 1 x front squat
build from TnGs

go heavier than last tuesday


8min amrap
50/40 cal row
30 ttb
AMRAP Hang cleans with remaining time


16 September, Wednesday


in 7mins find 2rm back squat
then max reps @85,70, 60%
no more than 2 sec between reps,
plates must be changed as quick as possible


7min amrap ladder
1 thruster 40/30kg
1 bear crawl
1 rock press at end point


17 September, Thursday


Alt emom 5 sets
min 1 – 3 ring M/U
min 2 – 6 burpee – kb pick up – box step overs
24/20″, 20/16kg
min 3 – 9 hspu

beginners have no kb


3 rounds
6 x 5m burpee sand bag shuttles 20/15kg
30 wall balls 9/6kg


18 September, Friday


10mins your pick strength


Pound4POund wod 3

7 September, Monday

Strength n Skills:

emom 3 sets of
3 x strict shoulder press
e90sec 3 sets of
2 push press
e 90sec 3 sets
1 x push jerk


front squats 60/40kg
box jumps 24/20″

8 September, Tuesday

Strength n Skills:

emom 5 sets
2 x TnG squat cleans, build to heavy
e90secs 5 sets
1 x squat clean + 1 x front squat
build from TnGs


Thrusters 60/40kg
3 leg less rope climbs
50 D/U


9 September, Wednesday

Strength n Skills:

While in Ankorr Harness complete with the
partner attachment
5 sets of:
3 dead lifts @85%
without stopping, 5m bear, 5m rev bear
10m rev sprint, 10m forward sprint


Harnessed to partner
Tabata, 20sec on 10 sec off 5 rounds of each
side bears
rev bears
forward bears
kick sits
rest is in A-frame position while partner pulls
on handles

10 September, Thursday

Strength n Skills:

e2mins, 5sets, OH squats
3, 3, 3, 3, 3

9min AMRAP
3 cleans 90/55kg
6 pistols each leg 16/8kg
12 c2b

11 September, Friday

Strength n Skills:

e2mins 5 sets
2 back squats
3 ring m/u


Pound4POund wod 2

31 August, Monday

Strength n Skills:

e2mins, 6 sets, front squats
set 1, 5@83%
s2, 3@92%
s3-4, 2@95-97%
s5, 3@92%
s6, 5@87%

go heavier than last monday


15min cap
800m run
30 c2b
30 squat to box jump 30/24″
30 kb swings 32/24kg
800m run


1 September, Tuesday

Strength n Skills:

e90secs, 5 rounds
2 push press + 1 push jerk
build up from 80% each set


8min ladder
1 cluster 70/45kg, 1 ring m/u
2 cluster, 2 m/u
and so on


2 September, Wednesday

Strength n Skills:

clean ladder, 2 mins to complete
Rx men
70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120kg
Rx Female
40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90kg
Scaled Men
50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100
scaled female
30, 40, 50, 55, 60, 65kg
beginners do 2mins of cleans @30/20kg


for time
deficit hspu 25/15kg
weighted pistols 20/8kg
immediately after
in 2mins find 2 rm bench press


3 September, Thursday

Strength n Skills:

alt emom 10 mins
1 x back squat @90-95%
1 x strict ring or bar muscle up




4 September, Friday

Strength n Skills:

members pick  their own strength???


Pound 4 Pound WoD 1

Return of the mama’s!

Good to have some of our mama’s returning, along with the warm weather!

2015-08-28 01.21.42

Amy Wharewera, Marlinea White and Jaymie Wardlaw all starting back after having some time off with their babbies, its so good having you back and keen and eager to get into it!


20150819_131054Arley-Manu on the left

Hudson on the right







Our week:

Monday 24 August:


Front squats

e2mins, 6 sets
set 1, 5@80%
s2, 3@90%
s3-4, 2@90-95%
s5, 3@90%
s6, 5@85%


6×2 min rounds
100m sand bag sprint (2nd drive way)
max strict HSPU

score is total hspu


Tuesday 25 August:


alt emom 10mins
1. 3 x strict snatch grip strict press, back
2. 3 x strict press, front rack


10min amrap
6 strict pull ups
12 HPC 70/45kg
24 d/u


Wednesday 26 August


e30, 10 rounds
0-30sec 2 TnG squat cleans
30-60sec 3 strict C2B

set 1-2 @60%
set3-4 @70%
set5-6 @80%
set 7-8 @90%
set 9-10 @95-100%


For time 17min cap
400m run
10 CnJ 60/40kg
20 C2B
30 ring dips strict
20 C2B
10 CnJ 60/40kg
400m run


Thursday 27 August:


e90secs 6 sets

1 x muscle snatch + 3 snatch push press


8min cap
10 push press 60/40kg, 20 d/u
8 push press, 20 d/u
6 push press, 20 d/u
4 push press, 20 d/u
2 push press, 20 d/u
then with remaining time amrap ring m/u
score is total m/u


Friday 28 August:


e90sec, 5 sets

3 deadlifts @ 85-90%


Diane, 21-15-9

Deadlifts 100/70kg




Some of you may be wondering what is a deload or why it is even necessary? Long story short, its a period to allow our bodies to rest and regenerate. An opportunity for us to rest some aching and/or reoccurring niggles etc. The true deload week actually incorporates very minimal exercise and movement and more rest and sleep, a holiday would be good here. Of course due to the nature of everyones schedules and new people starting etc we have had to take this into consideration when programming, hence there were some sessions that took the wind out of us in other ways or better known as ‘active recovery’, giving our tinana a good thrash without completely killing it off and taking days to recover

If you had been in all week you will have noticed there was no lifting, but a lot more body weight movements and skill learning no actual moving under loads. So deload slows us down. Think of it like when you rip your hands during pull ups, it sucks and you know you wont be using that hand for any pulling or lifting till it heals up. If you carry on using it, it could re-open and it could limit your range of movement over and over again till you finally decide not to use until its completely healed. Our body sometimes needs the same thing, a chance to regenerate.

I liken our bodies to machines, every now and then a machine or car for instance needs a regular tune up and check up to keep it running in top condition. We are exactly the same, infact we are better as our bodies organically heals itself, in the form of rest, good food and sleep. This takes time and our bodies main repair stage is during sleep, the more we get the better we bounce back, combine with healthy good food and relaxation and I guarantee you will hit the box feeling better and more energized, which I hope is how everyone is feeling right about now.

Those heading into the Kotahi Comp I hope are feeling a lot more enthusiatic and re-energized I hope to see some P.Bs over the day.

Monday 17 August


Kipping pull up


partner wod for time
150 pull ups
2 x 100m sprints
1st sprint at 80%
2nd sprint @ 100%

scale pull amount

CF kotahi wod 1 practise

Tuesday 18 August:


Ring Mucle up progression


Zuu and Ankorr Training

Wednesday 19 August:


12min alt. emom

1 x legless rope climb (from Sitting)

accumulate hand stand hold upto 40sec on clock


Team row chipper, add 1000m per athlete
1. row
2. 20 box jumps
3. 20 ghd
4. 100m farmer carry 32/24kg
5. 100m oh plate carry
6. 20m HS walk

*Team accumulate meters and chip away together, every member switches on exercise once task is complete, rower also moves regardless of how many meters gained.

Thursday 20 August:


500m row for time


CrossFit Kotahi wod 2
amrap 2mins to perform, 2min rest between
ring muscle ups
KB snatch 32/24kg
weighted pistols 24/16kg
burpee box jumps 30/24″ (hand release)

scale accordingly

Friday 21 August:

Unfunctional Friday!

10min stations of

  1. 5 x 5 bench press
  2. 5 x 10 bicep curls
  3. 5 x 10 tricep extensions
  4. 5 x 10 calf raises

Mauri ora whanau

Firstly we would like to thank all those that participated in the 10 week Paleo Wero, we know it was a long tough one, we would also like to congratulate you all for giving it a go and to those that stuck with it well done and im sure you will be enjoying your new bodies gains (or losses).

The wero finished about 3 weeks ago and was topped off with a lovely shared kai, hosted at Norah and her hubby’s beautiful home.

The wero involved teams of 2 working together to adhere to the weekly wero (challenge). An allocation of points were given per week and the couples kept them if they stuck to the wero. Wero involved a kai and a bonus wod day challenge.

Some of the kai wero looked like this, ‘for the week do not exceed 3 peices of bread’. There was a way around this of course, if you had exhausted your set allowance for the week. You were allowed to borrow your team mates.

During the half way point we shared a paleo brunch which I personally would have liked to see more of but with time and work it was a bit hard to organise and meet again.

your Winners are

Overall Winner:

Mihi Owens

cm lost = 33.8

Weight lost = 3.4kg

Mihi also won the Most cm lost award










Halfway Winner

Arama Ehau

cm lost = 15cm, weight lost = 5.6kg


Most Weight lost:

Norah Leatherland

weight lost = 4.7kg








Most kai wero points couple:

Aimee Gregory and Kelly Robinson (no picture of Aimee sorry)

Kelly also won most kai wero points individual


The main thing I hoped everyone got out of the experience was nutritional education. Realising what is actually in the everyday food we eat and give to our young ones. We are constantly bombarded with advertising ploys to make us eat sugary foods, (opposite of paleo) and our tax on healthy foods, fruit and veges means the good stuff is more expensive, adding to the quick sugar fix dilemma. For some the journey would’ve been a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions so well done to those that stuck at it, some fell off the waka, some found a paddle and got back on but all in all awesome work whanau!

Congratulations to all our Paleo Wero winners! and well done to all that participated.

Monday 10 August

10mins on each, Find 1RM
Back Squat, teach how to spot
Strict Press
Push Press


2min on each, max effort

Hand release push ups

Air Squats

Sit ups.


Tuesday 11 August

Find 1RM

OH Squat

Squat clean


7mins max effort Hand release burpees


Wednesday 12 August

Find 1RM Snatch


1min max effort


Muscle ups/c2b/pull ups


Thursday 13 August

800m Run THEN

Find 1RM

Front squat

Power clean

THEN, 400m Run


Friday 14 August

Max double unders in one go, 3 attempts

Max plank hold

Find 1RM clean and jerk

Dead lift

2015-08-07 10.40.09Big massive shout out to Hana and Gaz for making it through to the final stage of the Functional Strength Olympic Weight lifting Comp!

Because of their efforts they managed to place in the top 15 in New Zealand of their respective Mens and Womens categories, allowing them a place in the finals.

Unfortunately our trainer Gaz is unable to make the trip due to work commitments so it will be Hana representing up there on her own.

The amazing thing about Hana is she has only been CrossFitting for around 2 years in between her representitive and club rugby commitments. So her lifting has been very limited but good enough for her to gain a place in the final.

This just goes to show the type of athlete Hana is, naturally powerful, coupled with good form and persistance in training has seen her gain a place in the final. With all her other commitments on at the moment, work, rugby and now this we say what an achievement to make it this far.

We wish you all the best! Go hard and snatch it, I mean smash it!


CFR All Day Beh!


Link to the functional strength page