High intensity, low impact body weight training.

Zuu is a registered training modality which is heavily utilised in elite sports and armed forces around the world.

Workouts are upbeat, fun and bring a totally different approach to training. During your Zuu session you will learn the powerful  and contagious Zuu culture, learn how devasting primal movements can be, have an awesome workout and meet some good people along the way.

At CFR we have the only 3 qualified Zuu and Ankorr trainers in the area as well as the only fitness and exercise program for kids from ages 2+.

Who can do Zuu?

Anyone willing to have fun while exercising can do Zuu. Zuu can be enjoyed with friends, family and with your children.

No intro is required, just get in touch, turn up and have a good time while working out.




Ankorr Harness Training extends on the principals and fundamentals of Zuu training.

A harness is used in various ways to bring about different levels of resistance to ensure you are pushing the limits on your training.

At CFR we utilise the harness as an alternative mode of training to intensify workouts. The harness greatly increases speed, power, strength, muscular endurance, aerobic capacity, cardiovascular and respiratory endurance.

We are the only facility in the Bay of Plenty, NZ, fully qualified to offer this new style of training.

Take a look at Ankorr in action by clicking on the link below.


Who can do ANKORR?
Anyone with a desire to better their health and well-being can, even YOU!
If you’re looking for something that will take your training to the next level… then this is for YOU!



$10 casual visit

$15 for the week, 3 x classes

FREE for Members

Monday 6.30pm, Wednesday 5.30pm, Friday 4.30pm






ZUU for kids

Our Moko program is designed specifically for our little ones. Zuu principals are used as the basis of the sessions, while games, tools and various activities are included to create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for our future leader’s.

Classes are split into two groups:

Mokomoko, 2-5 year olds – Tuesdays 3.40pm

Mokonui, 6-11 year olds – Thursdays 3.40pm

Our trainer Senila is an exceptional instructor, having 2 boys of her own she know’s just how to handle the class. You can be rest assured that your wee one will have a great workout and will gain a headstart in physical activity by utilising our program.

Bring your little one’s down and let them build confidence, increase mobility, flexibility, power, speed, agility and develope social and interactive skills.



$60 per child per school term

$50 per additional child (sibling)

$10 casual visit