This is a ‘regional side comp’ within the Bay of Plenty area. There are prizes involved and with that comes rules and reegulations.

Due to the nature of the comp which requires travel, we will allow participants to miss ONE of the scheduled open WoDs at any given venue. If for any reason you miss more than one of the scheduled meets, you will forfeit all registration money and potential prize’s regardless of your result on the table. If you have a valid reason for missing out then the decision will be at the discretion of the host box and the CFR panel. In other words you have to make it to 4/5 of the WoDs and must be present at the final to receive your prize.


This BoP regional is a competition, which means our judges will have to be on their game for our Rx athletes and those pushing for regional honours. In saying this, athletes will treat all judges with the utmost respect or could be asked to leave without a refund.

We want to make this competitive but at the same time enjoyable for all. Bad sportsmanship will not be permitted and can also result in an early exit.

Heats will be sorted as soon as we learn what the WoDs are. If you have a request to be earlier or at a later time please let the CFR team know 24 hours before the WoD begins.


Athletes will be responsible for submitting their own scores to the CrossFit Online Website.

Scores for this ‘Side Comp’ will be recorded on the day and used as your final score for this Comp.

In order for scores to be counted against the rest of the world they will need to be entered into the CrossFit Games online data base. Athletes will be responsible for submitting their own score here.



TEENS 14-15, 16-17, MASTERS, SCALED and RX

We imagine that there won’t be too many entering in some divisions so if there is less than 5 in any division(s) we may combine some divisions. We will be able to confirm the prize pool and divisions after week one.


SCORING: (if there are under 5 individuals in a division resulting in combined divisions)

Individual’s in combined divisions will be ranked amongst each other as ONE division. This has been decided as the easiest way to determine rankings as different age groups will have different standard’s to complete.

For example, if a teen in the 14-15 year category gets placed as 6th and a teen in the 16-17 category gets placed 11th. The teen placing 6th will have a better score and better ranking.

This Format will be the same as the masters divisions if necessary.

If this occurs only teen’s divisions will be combined with other teen’s divisions and Masters combined with Masters.

This has been decided if there is not enough in each section of the Teens and Masters divisions. However if there are more than 5 in each then this format will not be needed.

All other scoring will follow the Opens Rules and Regulations. Only WoD’s done on the same day as the host box held events will be counted. Any score’s handed in after 6pm on the WoD day will not be counted.

If you are unable to complete the WoD on the same day you will notify us by either text or email or receive a ‘Null’ score.

This side competition will have its own separate scoring from the actual open. You are welcome to repeat the WoD as many times as possible but we will only count the score performed at the host box (unless you are unable to attend and have organised something different with us).

If you are completing the WoD outside of the host box, either a Coach/trainer from another box or video will be required to verify your score.

Scoring sheets will be available and handed over to hosting boxes as quickly as possible.



We ask for assistance from all boxes and participating athletes to help out with judging. It would make more sense if the hosting box could provide a few extra judges. It is particularly important that we get experienced judges to look after our Rx athletes as well as any other athlete looking at pushing for Regional selection, so as to not cause disrepute.

A head judge will be assigned at each event and will oversee judging.



Confirmed destinations and host boxes are as follows:

Week 1: CF Rotorua

Week 2: CF Alliance, Papamoa

Week 3: CF Taupo

Week 4: CF Whakatane/Alliance TBC

Week 5: CF Rotorua



$50 covers registration, and host box entry over the 5 weeks ($10 per week)

Optional – extra $25 for tee

Athletes can deposit registration and Tee money into this account:


CrossFit Rotorua


Please enter name in REFERENCE

And enter division and tee size in PARTICULARS


Example, For Teen’s 14-15 input T1415,

For Masters = MA, Scaled = SC, RX


Timothy W, Master’s 40-44, Mens Large tee

REF = Timothy W



Justine H, Rx, Womens XL tee

REF = Justine H


Once payment has been made, email us at: info@CrossFitRotorua.com



Drop-ins cost will be $20, which will then be split between the host box and organiser’s. If you have not registered and are wanting to WoD during the event you are considered as a drop-in.



We would like to acknowledge and thank all of our host Boxes. Without you and your participation, this competition would not be possible. So a very big mihi and shout out to:

Chas at CrossFit Alliance

Manu, Skay and the team at CrossFit Taupo

Lewis Jones of CrossFit Whakatane

The whanau whanui of CrossFit Rotorua


We are expecting athletes and supporters to come from Te Kuiti, Rotorua, Taupo, Whakatane, Papamoa and Kawerau. So it’s shaping up to be one massive event already.


We are excited about this Side Comp and can’t wait for the OPEN!


Nga Mihi nui


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